Non-Binding Estimates… Cost Based on Weight

A non-binding estimate is not a guaranteed price… it’s an estimate of the cost of your move based on the mover doing a visual inspection of your items.  The final cost of the move will be determined by the shipment actual weight and services you request to complete the move.

Charges on a non-binding estimate must be based on the actual weight of the shipment and cannot be based on cubic feet, volume, hourly charges or any other basis except actual weight.  Shipment weight will be determined by the mover using a state-certified scale that gives weigh tickets showing the weight.  The weigh tickets become part of the shipment paperwork.

If the customer adds additional items to the move which increase the weight of the shipment or if the customer requests additional services which increase the cost of the move then the mover should prepare a revised estimate that both the mover and the customer sign.

At destination the mover is allowed to collect the total estimated charges for the move plus 10%.  The mover will bill for any additional amount over that after delivery and those remaining charges are due to the mover within 30 days after the mover invoices the customer.