What is A Binding Estimate? Can it be Changed?

Binding estimates are agreements in writing between the mover and the customer that guarantee the price or cost of the move based on the inventory of items and services needed.  The mover will prepare an inventory of items to be included in the move and based on that inventory the mover will give you a guaranteed price, or binding estimate.

The binding estimate can be revised by agreement between the mover and customer in writing at any time before the move date and before the shipment is loaded on the truck for transport.

If the customer adds items to the move after the inventory was prepared as example then the mover will prepare a revised binding estimate based on the new inventory.  If additional stops are added to the services detailed in the original binding estimate, or if storage is requested because the customer cannot take delivery at destination… these additional services will be included in a revised estimate.

The customer and the mover both sign the revised binding estimate.