10 Common Blunders to Avoid When Moving

  1. Choosing a mover based on its professional looking website… and claims of being a qualified mover with professional experience.
  2. Getting an estimate over the phone instead of having an in-home inspection and estimate of the items to be moved.
  3. Making the move decision based on the lowest price estimate.
  4. Thinking that the price estimate will be the actual price you will pay (non-binding estimate)
  5. Not verifying that the mover has a license and has no or few customer complaints.   Get a MoverCheck!
  6. Not carefully reading over the bill of lading (contract) before signing.
  7. Not understanding the valuation options. If you don’t understand, ask the mover.  Read the consumer booklets on this website.
  8. Not being able to accept delivery of the shipment at destination. It will go into storage.
  9. Not being present at destination to inspect and verify all your items arrive and without damage.
  10. Expecting the mover to compensate fully for any loss and damage of shipment items.  Read the consumer information on valuation.