Moving Planner from MoverCheck LLC

Action Items Starting Five Weeks Out from Moving Day

5 weeks out:

Decide on full service mover, containerized move or self-haul move.
get 3 in-home estimates

Using a mover? Be sure to get a MoverCheck report Containerized – get quote for storage and transportation
Self-haul – determine size of truck you need – don’t underestimate

Decide on what furniture you will move and what needs to be sold.
Make list of furniture moving and another list of furniture you will be selling.

Decide if you will do any packing or if the mover will pack everything.
If you are doing any packing yourself you will need to get boxes, packing materials like bubble wrap and tape.

Get a change of address pack from post office or find online.
Decide on new schools for children and start the transfer of records process,

4 weeks out:

Research and decide on new doctors, dentists, banks, etc. and start transfering records and accounts open utilities accounts in new city.
Start packing if you are doing any packing yourself – pack by room and label box for each room.
Get valuable papers together along with other valuables like jewelry – take with you do not pack and ship with the mover.

Notify credit card companies and insurance companies (auto, health, life) of change of address read consumer brochures and materials provided by movers – pay attention to your valuation options.

3 weeks out:

Decide on mover and book move pickup and delivery dates.
If using containerized arrange for storage and transportation.
If using self-haul book the moving truck – will you be hauling a car also?

Arrange to sell or donate furniture and items you will not be moving,
Continue packing if you are doing some or all of it yourself.
Book hotel rooms if you will need them during your move.
Go through your mail for past month and do change of address for those sending you bills etc.

2 weeks out:

Arrange for day care, senior care or pet care on moving day if you need it.
Start to empty food from freezer and refrigerator, canned goods, and other food items.
Clean closets as you empty and pack things.
Reserve elevator, loading dock at new residence or at current residence if needed.
Notify social securiy, DMV, employer, pension companies, investment companies, of your address change arrange for house cleaning day after move if wanted.

1 week out:

Have utilities at new residence turned on.
Finish packing and label boxes, mark on inventory sheet for reference.
Get any medications into plastic bags to take with you, do not pack them.
Pack a weeks worth of clothes and toiletries in a box to take with you not put on moving truck,
Pack some toys and snacks in a box to take with you for your kids during travel.
Cancel newspaper and magazines.
Clean refrigerator and freezer.
Unplug washer and dryer.
Back up computers.
Give your contact information, phone number, new address to friends, relatives, neighbors for emergency

moving day:

Unplug computers, printers, tv’s and other appliances to be moved.
Set the boxes you will take with you aside or put in your car so they don’t get packed.
Take the mover’s contact information with you, along with maps and other important information.

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